Tämmönen testi täällä (via). Ei ehkä maailman nasevin/aukottomin vaihtoehtohaitari. Pitäisi vissiin lukea se "Sieppari ruispellossa", vaikka melkoisen kieli poskessa noihin monivalintoihin pitää vastata...

You're Holden Caulfield! You're a troubled boy who is alienated from everyone else. You're bitter and angry and you accuse everyone of being fakes and phonies. You frequently hide in your own shell though and wish you had friends. Eventually, you run away and attempt to begin your own life living alone in the city. You find a particularily strong connection with people younger than you, and you make it your life's goal to keep them pure and innocent. English class is the only class you're not failing. You are from "The Catcher in the Rye."

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